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Lapins is a self-fertile cherry variety that is harvested in the middle of the season. It is a very rain-crack resistant variety

//Lapins Cherry Variety


It is harvested 23 days after Burla, its fruit size is 26-28mm and its skin color is dark red.
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A few words about the Lapins variety

Category : CHERRIES

Lapins is a self-fertile cherry variety that is harvested in the middle of the season.

It originates from the Summerland (Canada) breeding program. It is a variety that it is commercially planted for 35 years and it still controls a special place in the world cherry market because of its high yield and its resistance to rain cracking.

Lapins is harvested 23 days after Burlat. It has large production every year. Even in difficult seasons, with late frosts that can cause serious damage to other varieties, Lapins remains high in production volume. It has been observed that in high-density planting systems (800 trees/hectare) its production can reach up to 30 to 40 tonnes per hectare!

As a tree, it has vigor growth and erect behavior. In order to train the orchard correctly and to enlarge the size of the fruit, special handling of the trees are required. It can be planted in mountainous, semi-mountainous and plane areas due to its requirements in chilling-hours which is around 600.

Lapins fruit has a very satisfying size (27-28mm).  Fruit shape is flat to kidney-shaped. Fruit skin color is dark red and flesh color is red. It is a variety with very good taste. The firmness of the fruit is also very good.

Also, it is a very rain-crack resistant variety. Lapins is a useful solution for areas that are likely to have heavy rainfalls during harvest season. The biggest percentage of fruit is market-ready in contrast to other varieties who have serious problems because of the rains. It needs special handling for protection against Monilla sp. diseases because of its high-density fruit setting.