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K1 is a new cherry variety that is harvested late in the season and its fruit size is very large. Its taste is sweet, sub-acidic and aromatic.

//K1 Cherry Variety


Large fruit size, more than 33mm, dark red skin color and crisp flesh.
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A few words about the K1 cherry variety

Category : CHERRIES

K6 and K1 are two new cherry varieties that are harvested late in the season and their fruit size is very large. These two varieties have almost identical characteristics and planting them combined is very common.

These varieties originate from the Zaiger-California-USA breeding program. As a tree, it has semi-erect behavior and strong growth. Their blossoming occurs is in the middle season and is abundant. They enter into production very quickly. They are both self-fertile varieties.

The fruit of these two varieties is extremely large in size. The sizes presented in our experimental orchard and our partners in different areas of Greece are over 33mm. The weight of the fruit often exceeds 14 grams. Their flesh is firm and crisp. Their taste is very good, sweet, sub-acidic and aromatic. They obtain high levels of sugars at the change of the color stage of the fruit.

It is recommended to harvest them when the Brix is over 18 degrees and the color of the fruit is dark red to black. The size of the pit is very small and makes it very pleasant during their consumption. The shape of the fruit is round and is moderately tolerant to cracking due to rainfall. The size of the fruit remains very large even when we have very high yield years.