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Chandler is a lateral bearing variety that is harvested in the middle-end season.

//Chandler Walnut Variety


Special white colored nut, easily separated, high yields early in the life of the trees.
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A few words about the Chandler walnut variety

Category : WALNUTS

Chandler is a classical classic slice harvested in the Middle Ages (late September / early October).

In 1979, the University of California presented Chandler walnut variety which was named after W.H. Chandler, a professor of arboriculture at UC Davis University. As a tree, it has semi-open behavior and small to medium growth. It blossoms late (late April to early May) and thrives in various soils. Because of the mid-late bud development (mid-April), Chandler variety is moderately resistant to late spring frosts.

Its production is continuous and very satisfactory. It is minor sensitive to Anthracosis and bacterial diseases.

It prefers deep and slightly calcareous soils. It is combined with Franqette for pollination with excellent results.  It has some samples of production in 2 to 3 years, and it enters full production at the 10th year. The medium growth in combination with the semi-erect behavior of the tree allows it to be used in dense planting systems.

Chandler variety produces walnuts which are short-elongated shaped. The nut to kernel ratio is 48-51% and its flavor is gentle.

The fruit has a good closure and a medium-thick shell. The size of the fruit is medium to large (12-14 g weight).

It can be stored for 11 to 12 months at a temperature below 10 ° C. It is a variety with huge commercial success worldwide, due to its light-colored white nut and its excellent quality. Also Chandler variety is easily separated, making it attractive to the confectionery market.