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Our visit to a Pricia apricot farm

Our visit to a Pricia apricot farm

Visit date: 21/04/2021

Producer: Serletis Dimitris

Location: Tyrnavos, Greece

Pricia is a late-blooming variety and that is harvested early in the season.

This year’s climate conditions were unusual. December and January were rather hot and in February and March, we had a lot of cold weather with many frosts.

What we observed in Pricia variety is that it blossomed much more late than usual

Nonetheless, it seems that its yield was not affected.

A fact that ranks her among the most durable and tolerant varieties that we have seen until now.

In farms close to where we have visited, varieties of competitors, had very low to zero production.

Combined with the fact that it is tolerant to the Sharka virus and that it is a self-fertile variety,  Pricia is one of the best early-ripening varieties.

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