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Incorrect Almond Tree Planting: What to Avoid (video)

31 March 2020Category : News

Driven by the questions we receive from the majority of producers about the ideal almond tree planting, we give you a typical example of wrong almond tree planting. In the video below we observe that the planting distance between the trees is 1 meter and between the lines 3.5 meters. Also the subject that has been used is GF 677. As we can see in this particular orchand the trees are almost fruit-free.

2018 could be described as a very productive year for all almond varieties. Even classic varieties such as Ferrania and Texas have largely fruit setting.

As you will notice in the video, the trees on this farm are almost fruit-free.

The combination of dense planting with the greedy subject has produced this effect. The trees did not have space to grow and spent all their energy to find this place.

The result was to create long greedy shoots. These shoots are empty of leaves and the buds that would normally be used for next year’s production are dead. Over the years, this problem will only intensify until the producer will be forced to close this farm due to the very small production it has.

The conclusion is that producers should be careful about the people they trust. In the nursery sector there are several amateurs who give the wrong advice that lead to financial loss and defamation of our profession. Incorrect planting leads to negative results.

Watch the video:

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