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Apricot trees in pots

Apricot trees in pots

As the demands of the producers for quality seedlings increase, so does the technology of our nursery unit.

In addition to the need for certified and clean seedlings, there is now a need to “open up” the planting season.

To make this happen, our nursery has been producing seedlings of various species in pots for several years.

The advantages of planting trees in containers are the following:

  • Reduced to zero replanting shock
  • Extension of the planting season
  • Ability to inoculate the most modern varieties soon to catch up
  • 100% plant growth in a protected environment (greenhouses / nets) and on a neutral / clean substrate (peat / perlite)
  • Delivery to the producer of 100% live and healthy plants with the possibility for him to find out immediately


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